Because there are things you need to know...
about Marketing... about Advertising...
about your Website... and more.

marketing for growth

Marketing your business is disappointing when it does not produce the results you are hoping for. Or it can be a great source of accomplishment when prospects are knocking at your door.
Get complete control over the design of your Marketing to produce more leads and more sales.
You don't have to be a marketing pro, but you do have to know what to look for.
It is easier than you think, even if you don't have experience.

“I was really impressed. In my 19 years of doing business,
I can’t recall seeing such fast results.”
Nohl l.
Owner - Focus Web Works

marketing control

Stop Marketing Madness.
Quit Throwing Your Money Down The Drain.
If You Can’t Tell Me Exactly How Many New Customers You Gained From Your Marketing Last Month, 

It Was A Waste Of Money!

Take Control Of Your Marketing NOW!

“Thank you Phill. Just a little note to you that we were able to go from $380,000
to a little over a million in a year. Thank you for your help in getting there.”
Dutch C.
Owner - Code Blue Plumbing

Understand advertising

You Can Win At Advertising, And Win Big With
The Right Knowledge And Information.
Learn How To Make It All Work Together.
Know What Pieces Of The Puzzle You Need.
See What You Need To Measure, And Why.
How To Use “Stacking” To Multiply Your Results.
Know When You Are Winning, And Why.
Make It All Work For You Now!

"Phill is forward-thinking and his consultative approach to his clients
makes it easy for me to recommend him.”
Gregg C.
SVP Remarketing Solutions, Business Affairs NA GM Financial

your website

Get Your Website Right.
Potential Customers Are Looking At You.

This Is Your One Shot To Make A Good Impression.
How Do They Know You Are Their Best Choice?
Learn How To Let Them Know.

Create Visitors That Convert To Leads That Convert To Sales.

Phillip has a tremendous business background that more than qualifies him as THE go-to guy. Only contact Phillip if you want results and the tools to propel your business to the next level.”
Eric M.
Owner/Consultant – EMC – The Owners Ally

take control of marketing your business

Measuring for ROI

Until you learn how to measure results, you will continue to throw money to the wind.

Your ideal customer

When you learn about your customers, you can give them what THEY want.

No more worries

Understanding what works and why allows you to leverage your marketing efforts.

Amazingly Simple

Basic steps to achieve repeatable success. Grow your business when you are ready.

Stop losing visitors

People visit your site because they need what you offer. What if they don’t buy the first time?

Easy to use formula

When you know the right things to do, you can win. Again and again.

“Phill has become a wonderful asset to me as I start a new business venture. His coaching and positive attitude continue to astound me and what he brings to his clients is priceless. Thank you Phill!”
Chrisie B.
Executive Director At BNI Southern Arizona & El Paso

It has never been easier to learn
how to control your business marketing

Learn the secrets advertisers don't want you to know!