Email Is Not Dead!

Let me say it again. Email is NOT dead.

Email ROI

In fact, Email never went away.

It just faded from your view.

You were probably sidetracked by all of the slick promotions of the internet marketing gurus telling you email doesn’t work.

Don’t take it the wrong way. They mean well. And most of their information is good if done as part of a process. 

But it is only part of the process. And they probably have you on their email list.

Email has a great ROI.

Studies show that for every $1 spent on email, between $35 – $44 is returned.

That would be like investing $1,000 in your retirement fund and earning $3,500 – $4,400 each year!

Pretty good huh.

Here is why.

Long before the internet confused us all, the sales industry understood basic human behavior.

People don’t make major purchase decisions on a whim. Despite the increase in choices offered on the internet, it still takes 5-7 “touches” before they decide to buy.

So, exactly what is a “touch”?

Every piece of marketing you may have. From a piece of mail delivered to their mailbox, to a post on social media, to a radio ad… you get the idea. Those “touches” can come from you, and your competitors.

Hopefully, you are driving them to your website for more information. Your website is where they will find out how you can solve their problem. (That is what it should be designed for.)

If they don’t buy from you on their first visit, how can you be sure they will come back to buy?


The billboard theory.

Despite the fact that you get hit with so many emails in a day, people do open the ones that always provide information they can use. Especially if they need to solve a problem. Your job is to let them know you can solve their problem.

The right way to connect is with useful information on a regular basis. Stay on their mind, they will buy from you.

Give them plenty of reasons to choose you.

If they have visited your website, you can offer a short document that can be useful for them in their search for solutions. All they have to do is give you their name and email address. Simple. I am sure you have done this many times in the past yourself.

If you really know what your prospects problems are, in their words, you can prove you know what they are looking for. Don’t let your ego dictate your message, all of your competitors say the same thing.

Include testimonials from past customers. Let them know what sets you apart from your competition.

Stay in touch with your past customers.

They can be a great resource for repeat business.

You can also include links to your page, ask for reviews and referrals, and offer specials which will lead to more visits on your page, better reputation scores, and better page results.

Use the buying cycle to your advantage.

Most prospects have a much longer buying cycle than you think. Many are in the information gathering stage. This is a great time to give them what they want. Information.

Some are almost ready to buy and you can provide the push to get them to say yes.

You can think of it as that billboard you drive by regularly.

You may not notice it every time, but if asked, you could describe it without hesitation.

Get an Email Service Provider – 

NOT your business email provider.

There are many good email service providers available, many for free or at a low cost. 

You should definitely find a good provider that will allow for automated responses and scheduled email sequences.

Hire a copywriter for emails.

You should probably hire a good email copywriter to assist in writing your emails. Remember, this is not about you tooting your horn, it is about providing reasons your prospect should choose you. Kind of like a sales letter.

Sure it will cost you some time and money, but at the ROI email gives, it is well worth the investment.

If you need assistance in setting up your email system, contact us.

Are you ready to put the whole puzzle together,

ready to leverage and grow your business?