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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, if you are “OK” with your business doing “OK”, then no you don’t.

But, if you want to stop wasting your hard earned money on half-baked marketing that you can’t prove works, then you need to become an Informedbiz Member.

You will learn how to target the right prospects to get more customers with the best activities.

You will learn how to leverage your advertising for more leads with less money.

The course is divided into  easy to accomplish tasks. You get one each week.

One easy to read (5 minutes) email and one task to complete.

Each task is a building block in the process and leverages upon the previous task.

Absolutely not!
You are already busy running a business.

The last thing you need is to spend your nights and weekends with your face plastered to the computer screen.

You should be spending time with your family and friends. Isn’t that why you went into business in the first place? To have more freedom?

I also don’t want this information gathering dust in the corner with all the other courses you have bought.

You do want to learn right?

Because you won’t.

When you learn anything, it is best to learn in small increments.

Learn a principle and put it into action. Then learn the next principle.

When you learned math in school, you learned addition and subtraction.

Then multiplication and division, fractions, geometry, algebra, and so on.

I want you to know AND understand these principles so you can use them every day.

Once you have learned the basics of marketing, you can use this whenever you want. 

Use it to increase your business and pull more leads into your system.

The process is easy and it is repeatable.

That depends on what you consider a result.

If you are asking will I get more prospects? In the first few weeks, probably not.

But as your knowledge grows and you start controlling the marketing conversation, you will see more qualified leads.

The results from your marketing and advertising will begin to multiply. 

Yes, I do.

But you can’t have access to them until you become an Informedbiz Member.

You can not go to a college and enroll in a 201 or 301 class without completing a 101 class first.

Nope. Neither does your advertising company.

I dare you to ask them for a refund because you did not get the number of customers you expected.

Yet you continue to hand them hundreds or thousands of dollars each month with no proof how well it works.

What I will guarantee is this, if you become an Informedbiz Member and complete each weekly assignment, you will be able to:

  • Get more targeted prospects
  • Convert more leads into customers
  • Spend less on marketing and get the same results or spend the same and get better results
  • Know for sure what works and what does not
  • Take back control of your hard earned marketing dollars

I will give you information that is proven to work. How you use that information is beyond my control.

Of course, you are free to stop being part of the group at any time. 

Why Us

We want you to win.

Win BIG.

No one else will tell you what we will. No punches pulled, no guru B.S.

Plain, simple, truth. 

Our mission

We are tired of small businesses losing at marketing. Our goal is to help you to take control your marketing for maximum results.

We give you the information you need.

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