How to increase your lead response at exactly the right time… anytime you want!

From the desk of

Phillip Manker

Founder of informedbiz.org

I desperately need your help!


If you would grant me one little favor…

I will reveal to you the secrets fat cats of advertising don’t want you to find out.

Here is what this is all about:

Working with many local businesses, I discovered an alarming fact that made my blood pressure skyrocket.

A discovery that kept me up at night.

I just had to get this information in your hands as soon as possible.

This information is the reason you let them take your money, month after month.

You are basically giving them a blank check!

Imagine if you could take back control of your advertising checkbook.

No one else is going to share this information with you.

They can’t!

It would upset their entire system of revenue.

In fact, most of them don’t realize they are doing this.

They actually think they are doing you a favor!

Let me explain this to you in the easiest way I know how.

This story will shock you (just as it did me):

I work with a friend who designs and builds websites for small businesses.

Since my expertise is in marketing and what makes people buy, I always ask about their marketing.

That is what I do.

I help his clients to maximize their impact, leading to more leads and more sales.

Almost all of them are spending over two thousand dollars, some much more than that, on local advertising every month.

Postcards, flyers, local magazines, etc. All of the things small business owners are supposed to do, right?

I found that no one knew exactly how many sales came from their marketing!

No one knew how many people visited their website or how poorly their website was performing or if their advertising was actually working.

Not many could tell me exactly how much it cost to get a lead to their site or even how much each sale cost them.

You see, their problem is the same as the one you have.

You are not a marketing expert, and you don’t have time to mess with it.

You have a business to run.

You just let the next local advertising “expert” (salesperson) sell you their spot. (By the way, you should hire that salesperson. They sold you didn’t they?)

Here is where it gets really juicy.

In an effort to “help” you reach as many people as possible, they are actually putting you in the ring with your competitors!

I recently reviewed a local magazine that comes in the mail every month.

What came as a shock was how many services were exactly the same.

There were:

  • Six window and door companies
  • Six floor cleaning companies
  • Eight bathroom remodelers
  • Five garage door companies
  • Seven masonry companies
  • Eleven blinds/shades companies
  • I could go on…

All of them in the same magazine!

All competing for the same set of eyes!

The same potential leads.

The same sales!

And every ad looked exactly alike.

Now I know how much it costs to place an ad in this magazine, and it is a high-quality respectable way to get your business known.

You probably have one in your town, maybe two or three just like it.

If you add up all of the costs of each ad placed in this magazine, it comes to over $130,000 per month!

And that is with a discount for you to commit to a 6-month contract!

I hope you realize that I am not trying to bash the local advertising companies. After all, they are in business just like you. They have mouths to feed, employees to pay, overhead, etc.

What I do want you to know is that they are not marketing experts.

They are in it for themselves.

They have plenty of others in your same line of work to offer to. I just showed you that above.

I know they will throw together an ad for you.

One that looks just like your competitors.

And, they probably won’t even charge you for it. (They will own it though. You can’t use it anywhere else.)

They will also tell you how many people you can reach, possibly give you a special telephone number that they can track, maybe even have a website you can visit to see how well they did for you. (As if you knew what to do with those charts and graphs anyway.)

Are you getting the picture here?

You know you need to advertise to get leads to get customers.

If you are like me, you really hate to spend money, especially when you aren’t sure what you are getting in return.

Well, what if you could be sure that every dollar you spend on advertising could return to you 2X, 3X, 4X, and more? (You should get at least 10X, I explain it in the Membership)

What if you could know exactly which advertising platform worked the best for YOU?

What if you could control how many new leads and new customers you could get whenever you wanted?

What if you could get off of the advertising roller coaster and take control of your business growth?

Now you know why I just had to get this message out to you.

As soon as possible.

This is NOT a program that teaches you “how to do marketing.”

The last thing you need is another job to add to your “to-do” list.

Your plate is full already.

That is why you have been handing over your hard earned dollars to the ad reps.

How is that workin’ out for ya?

You need to know why ads work.

You need to know what ads work.

You need to know when ads work.

You need to know where ads work.

You need to know how to measure the results.

You need to understand what to do with that information and how to leverage it.

So you can have a steady, growing stream of prospects lined up, waiting for you.

This program explains each step in a simple to understand weekly format.

One email that takes about 5 minutes to read, with one easy activity to complete. Each week, you understand more about how marketing really works.

Here is what you will learn:

  • What you need to measure your ad success (this is vital!)
  • How you can quickly decide the best ad placement (know where to get the best leads!)
  • Who your best prospect is (are you sure you know?)
  • Where to find those prospects (which rock are they under?)
  • What to tell those prospects (speak to them on their terms.)
  • When you should say it (you don’t want to scare them off, do you?)
  • Why your website is NOT your best salesperson and how to fix it (who else is available 24/7/365?)
  • What you should ask your ad rep (this may not make you any friends)
  • What you should expect from your ad rep (this definitely won’t make friends)
  • Why the “gurus” can lead you down the wrong road (who makes them money?)
  • Why you need a marketing partner that works with you and not your competitors (I am a BIG fan of loyalty.)
  • And a whole lot more…  

Now… here is where I need your help.

No one else is going to share this information with you.

No one else is going to walk you through, step by step, the exact method of regaining control of your advertising dollars. So you can know what works for YOU, when it works, where it works, and why it works.

But I have one big problem.

This information is so new, I can’t sell it to the general public yet.

I need testimonials from businesses just like you, who are ready to take charge of their marketing.

You have a very unique and special opportunity.

You can begin to dominate your market.

You can have your competitors lying awake at night trying to figure out how you did it.

Once they see what you are doing, they will try to copy you.

They just won’t know what hit them.

It will be too late, they will be trying to catch up to you for a long while.

There is a short window for this special opportunity I am offering you.

I am going to close this opportunity to get a reduced price as a thank you for those who will write a testimony (I will help you write it if you wish) after 100 people.

The price goes up to the regular price after that.

Here is my guarantee: If you will read every email (I will be tracking it), complete every activity (you can email me proof) and at the end of the first year, you don’t see at least double the number of leads, I will refund your entire cost. 

I know this works, now you can know too.

The regular price for this program is $139 per month.

That is less than you spend on coffee at your local brew house, or convenience mart each month. (How many prospects did you get there last month?)

If you sign up now and promise to give me a testimonial I can use, I will give you a 30% discount. That drops the price down to only $97 per month!

I can only offer this to the first 100 people.

After that, you have to pay the full $139 per month.

Remember, this offer is only good for the first 100 people who promise to give me a testimonial.

As a very special offer, if you need help in understanding how well this works, I will also include a monthly detailed report with my comments and suggestions at a similar discount.

This added package will speed up your leverage process and assure your success.

This package of the weekly emails and the monthly report sells for $269 per month, but you can have it with the same 30% discount offer for $189 month!

This offer is limited to the first 15 people only. It takes time for me to analyze and develop ideas. I need to have a life too!

Don’t forget my guarantee… try it, do the work (I will track and ask for proof), and if you don’t see double the results in the first year, I will give you back all of your money. You would do the same, wouldn’t you?

You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

So your choice is whether to pull the trigger and start taking back control of your marketing and ad spend,

or just keep opening your wallet to the ad reps.

It’s up to you.

Join now, get a reduced special price, and start seeing results in 6 months or less or wait until your competition gets the jump on you and joins before you do.

Then you get to be the one trying to play catch up, eating their dust.

There is nothing like this on the market, no guru hype, no “next big thing”, no bright shiny object, just good solid information that will boost your result like nothing else.

But you have to make the choice. MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE NOW!