Marketing Without Tracking


without tracking

is like throwing

pennies in a pool.


I remember an old saying that goes like this:

What matters gets measured,

What gets measured gets mastered.

What gets mastered makes money.

(I added that last line)

You think that marketing is saying yes to the next salesperson from XYZ (flyer/magazine/radio/whatever).

You agree to their pitch because you think you will get more business. 

Your reason is right, your actions are wrong.

You reluctantly hand over a few hundred or a few thousand dollars each month.

Then you hope and pray that you get enough new business to pay for the cost of the ad. 

(Plink, there goes another penny in the wishing well)

You get a few new customers and repeat the process over and over and over again. 

Do you know where those customers came from?

Was it from the ad you spent money on?

Was it a referral from a past customer or friend?

Was it from an online search?

Was it from a post you made on social media?

Exactly where did this customer come from?

Do you know for sure?

Can you prove where they came from?

Or are you just going to believe that it came from the ad?

Then spend more money?

I know you work hard to earn every dollar, and you will probably spend thousands each year in marketing your business.

Don’t you think you should know what you are getting in return?

If you were to invest in a retirement fund, wouldn’t you expect to know what your money is going to earn?

Your business may be your retirement account, or at least contribute to it.

Only 22% of business owners feel that their marketing is effective at driving prospects to their business.

The next time you open your checkbook, before you sign on the dotted line, ask questions.

  • What guarantees do they give? (Your customers ask don’t they?)
  • Ask how they can prove their claims. Not just “you will reach XXX,XXX number of people”. So what if you “reach them”.
  • How many become customers or clients?
  • Are they going to reach your target market or just the general population?
  • What am I really getting for my money?
  • What proof do they have (testimonials) that it works for your type of business?

If they can’t answer these questions, then you have to find a way to track it yourself.

After all, it is YOUR money. Don’t you want to know?

Which ones give you the best return for your investment, and which ones don’t.

Wouldn’t it be wise to KNOW EXACTLY what your money is doing for you?

Would you invest in your future without any idea of the return you would get?

Today’s technology so many ways to track potential customers and clients from multiple methods of advertising. You can learn what types of marketing work best for you.

You can take back control.

There is a step by step process you can learn and use to master your marketing.

Once you use this process, you will know:

  • How to measure results
    • Not all results are the same
  • Which results are important
    • You probably did not know this
  • What changes you need to make
    • And in what order. Get this wrong and it will cost you much more
  • Where to get the best return on your marketing investment
    • Not all marketing channels will work best for your business
  • How to stop wasting your dollars on the same prospects again and again
    • How a simple follow-up system can double your sales
  • How to leverage your best for less
    • Once you find the right formula for you
You can double your business in 6 months!
If you are ready to stop flushing your ad dollars down the drain, get started today.
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