Why you should never pay for advertising

Never pay for advertising
Why you should never pay for advertising


I just get a little queasy feeling in my stomach whenever I think about paying for something. You know, like when I have to pay for my water service or my electric bill or internet service, or gas in my car. It seems that I have to keep paying over and over again. For the same service.

And after I pay, I really have nothing to show for it. Think about it. Where is the water I paid for? I know that it kept me from drying up and wilting like a plant in this intense desert sun. Or it got sent down the tubes into some vast network of pipes that no one really wants to venture in to. (Thank goodness for plumbers, you have my respect.)

What about electricity? You can’t see it, you can’t smell it, you can’t eat it. I have touched it before. I kind of fancy myself as being able to handle some tasks. Like the changing of an electrical outlet in our living room. I should have listened to my wife and turned the breaker off, but NOOOOO! My wife said that she saw smoke coming from the bottom of my sneakers as I shot across the room. But where did the electricity go?

How about gas in my car. It always seems to run out. It never stays full. Sure, it beats walking or hitching up the horse to the buggy and clip-clopping the few miles to the grocery store, or a client meeting. Besides, if you think it is hard to find a parking space, try parking a horse and buggy. There are no designated signs for that.

Yeah, I don’t like paying for things. But I don’t mind investing in things.

Those things that seem to appreciate in value or that I can see, touch, or smell. They seem to last longer and provide proof of their existence. My Dad taught me how to garden. Both edible plants and the flowery leafy things that are good to look at. I have kind of a green/brown thumb. Some things don’t grow, but most do.

I like investing. My time, my efforts, my money into things that I can see grow. I like seeing results. Tangible, measurable results. Anything else is just passing time.

So, I should probably get to the point.

Most businesses are just paying for advertising. Maybe you are one. I see it every day, in my postal mail, in my email box, online advertising, and websites. They all look the same. There seems to be no “investment” in advertising. Just pay your money and we’ll get you in front of a billion people! Yeah, you and all the other businesses just like you.

It is no wonder you can’t get people to find you let alone choose you. You are parked outside of the local mall and you are just waiting for them to come to you. You’re in the white sedan. Along with a sea of white sedans. All waiting for someone to knock on your window.

Be a red sedan. Stand out. Be different. Invest in marketing your business. It is not that hard. It shows results. Tangible results. Measurable results. Great results. Once you try it, you will never go back to paying for advertising again.

Do it. I will know who you are. So will your customers.

If you need help, I’m here.