If you have a website, you are probably wasting money.

Let me explain.

Everyone knows that you need a website.

Not everyone understands how to use it.

Most businesses believe that just having a website gives them an online presence. People will flock to your website whenever they have a problem your business can solve. That as soon as they get to your website, they will contact you or buy your solution to their problem..

I mean that is the whole point of having a website, right? Right!

This is where things get sticky.

Having a website is like buying space on a billboard. You spent money to have someone design your logo, find an eye-catching image and put a slogan or solution to someone’s problem. Your phone number and address is included. All is good right?

Wrong! What about the person that is speeding along the internet superhighway and does not know which exit to take to see your billboard? How do you let them know where to turn to find your billboard?

And when they do take the right exit, what about all of your competitors that have billboards on the same street?

Here are some sobering statistics:

  • 70-80% of searches are interested in organic results
  • 75% of searchers make a judgment about a company based on their website design
  • A typical user will make a judgment in .05 seconds of seeing your site
  • A single bad experience will make them 88% less likely to return
  • 90% of consumers use multiple devices (are you mobile ready?)
  • Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yelp, Youtube, etc.) drive 93% of website traffic
  • 90% of searchers haven’t made up their mind yet, they are searching!
  • Only 22% of website owners have updated their site since beginning

You have to find ways to stand out from the crowd.

Ways to be sure that when people search for solutions to their problems, they find YOU.

Your website is not about you, it is about providing solutions to your potential customers problems.

Your Website Is Your Online Sales Person.

Do you know anyone who doesn’t go to the internet to check on a business before they buy? What will they see about you?

You must treat your website just like you would any salesperson. It is their job to sell potential customers. Plain and simple.

Ask your salespeople what their leads are saying. Put theat on your website. Answer your customers questions. Tell them how you will solve their problems.

How much is a good salesperson worth to you?

Would you pay $20,000? $30,000? Or more? Why would you want an under-performing salesperson on your payroll?  And yet you allow your website to drive customers away.

What is your “bounce rate”? 

That is the percentage of visitors that come to your site and leave after viewing only one page. Typically, anything over 50% is above average. (That is bad!) I usually see rates in the 70-80% range when I start to work with clients.

People are searching for your product or service. They are looking for a solution to their problem. If they can’t see your solution, they will leave, and most likely, never return.

So it does you little good to spend money on advertising when they will go to your website to check up on you.


Your Website Is YOU focused Instead Of THEM Focused.

It is time for you to take a good long look at your website if:

  • You built it yourself
  • It has been more than two years since a review
  • You have never updated your plugins
  • You think your competitor is stealing your customers

If you want to play ball, get a professional involved. There is so much that is required for a good website, and you are not qualified or trained to do it.

What would it cost you to lose 20%-30%-50% of your leads every month? How much are you losing now?

It starts to make sense to get professionals involved.

That’s what your customers expect from you.

What would you pay to increase your sales 20%-30%-50% or more this year?

You are already spending thousands each year to advertise. 

Make it count.

Don’t know where to start?

Are you ready to double your business this year? Are you committed to your company’s growth? Are you willing to do what it takes?

Have questions? You can always send an email. We will reply.